You can have 24/7 access to your doctor. With Concierge Medicine, Dr. Etter is able to spend the time needed with his patients to customize their exact medical needs. Are you tired of waiting to see a doctor for hours and battling  with insurance? Schedule a visit with Dr. Etter to see if Concierge Medicine is right for you.  


Who is Dr. Etter?

Joe Etter, D.O. is a board certified internal medicine physician. He attended medical school at the University of North Texas in Ft. Worth and finished his residency in Internal Medicine at Plaza Medical Center in Ft. Worth, Texas, where he served as chief resident in 2006.  Dr. Etter started Burleson Old Town Medical Center in August of 2006.

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Where are we located? 

Located right off of I-35W in Burleson, TX, Johnson County Concierge is easily accessible of many people in the DFW area. Johnson County Concierge is located at the corner of East Renfro and South Burleson Blvd. 

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What is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge Medicine is a form of membership in which doctors provide medical care to Patients generally providing 24/7 access, a cell phone number to connect directly with their physician, same-day appointments, visits that last as long as it takes to address their needs and varying other amenities.

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Our Practice

Our practice is located upstairs from Burleson Old Town Medical Center which Dr. Etter's team oversees. Why choose JCC? Find out more about Concierge Medicine here:

  • Dr. Etter is meticulous and intentional in his patient care. I would describe Dr. Etter as an “old-fashion doctor”, meaning he wants to take care of our individual needs and personally know us. He does his homework and isn’t afraid to call and give his educated opinion on how I should move forward in my personal health.
    — Brian
  • Love doing concierge medicine! No more long waiting in the Doctor's offices! Thanks Dr. Etter!
    — Pamela